Church Health

The story of every church reflects the ups and downs of ministry and its effectiveness. Our Association commits itself to making sure we are there to help.

Measuring Church Health

Honest assessment of where the church finds itself is emotionally expensive.  It is hard to be objective with our own condition.  The Association stands ready to assist at any point in the process.   
The first step is to take a Church Health Inventory (CHI).  It is available by clicking on the adjacent icon.  The CHI is best done by a strong group representing a good cross-section of the church.  

Review the Findings

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to evaluating the findings.  This is best done by giving the material to all participants ahead of meeting to provide time for prayer and reflection.

Explore the Options

Today there are countless options for help in the area of church revitalization.  It is imperative that time is taken to consider all the possible aides.  The Association will provide leadership in this exploration. 

Create a Plan

Prayer is the first and primary way the the Lord will communicate with your team as to what is to be done.  Much time with prayer and fasting will reveal His will in how the issues are to be solved.  

We are here to help with the Process

Contact us and lets get started